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Production system

Vasure has a wealth of production knowledge and large-scale production to be cost-effectiveness and accuracy requirements of all modern technology.
International advanced equipment to replace the traditional processing machinery, and the use of advanced computer-aided design software AUTOCAD to provide advanced application technology to ensure the quality and effectiveness of Implementation of key components of drilling, cutting, milling, grinding and other process machinery processing, ensure permission accuracy.
We firmly believe that success depends on details, even as small as a screw, we have sought to perfect, an excellent production process is not only reflected the advanced production technology, equipment and perfect testing means.
With technical superiority, the Chinese believed to have become cold forming, forging, machining, heat treatment, electroplating and assembly areas of leading enterprises.

R & D system

VASURE places great value on the development of innovative products. The development of new products is the enterprise in the fierce market competition in the survival and development of the lifeline, is to realize the upgrading of the product the purpose of the important stage, it for the enterprise product development, product advantage, develop new markets, improve the economic benefit and plays a decisive role.

Detection system

The most stringent quality standards within Vasure and make every product in compliance with the intention of development and requirements. Our products concentrate each detail,we use modern instrumentation with a particular focus on quality in the product development process.To ensure the quality of advanced detection technology to do the backing, in the introduction of advanced manufacturing equipment at the same time, the introduction ofA series of precision testing instruments and equipment, the company the introduction of raw materials testing, process inspection ( full self-checking, inspectorSampling, team process review ), storage product sampling of three inspection system, the strict control of product quality.

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