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Talent Strategy

Vasure enterprise is always depending on human resource management is an important part of the entire business management. Pursue "people-oriented" management philosophy, the "accountability and can match pay reasonable" management approach, to provide staff with good career stage. We implement posts competition mechanism, activated by internal of Jingpin and external selection talent precipitation layer, to promote the talents come to the fore, to achieve the effective development and rational allocation of human resources.

In addition, the enterprises in the introduction, absorption, training and talent management to establish a complete management system. Through a specific series of measures the implementation of the salary and benefits, training, performance assessment, and continuously improve the quality of staff, to optimize the personnel structure.

I always adhere to the principle of "employment" and "education" and "encourage" a combination of employee career planning into the business training track, and staff to promote the enterprise to achieve strategic objectives in the service business, can also be based on clear career goals, a variety of training, achieve personal higher development.

Job promotion, job competition for the important positions, and provide employees with the development of the vertical space; job setting, job design with a strong stretch, so that each position to assume more of the work, and actively encourage the horizontal development of employees, training of talented people, to provide everyone with the full realization of the development of self-worth space. Recruit world of excellence, to create Huaxin Hong industry.

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